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Randall Sons(non-registered)
It was nice meeting you in ingles. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.
Howard K(non-registered)
Hi Shipmate, Looks like you've found your calling. These are really nice pictures sir. Keep up the good work, i'll pop in once in awhile to check out your new photos.
Take care you old sea dog.
Love the flahrs!!
dan, i'm very empressed. your pic's are amazing.. wow, i just remodled my bathrm i need pic's got anything norticle, my whole house has anything to do w/ dolphins, ocean beach, lighthouse, shells, etc. i have a net in the living rm that i put unique things i find washed up on the beach...but my bathrm has green/cream. got any pic's i can buy from you to put on my wall? keep up the great work...its awsome
John Tompkins(non-registered)
Hey Dan what happen to all of your other Wonderful and Beautiful pictures? I love your site. . Beautiful pictures.
Hi Dan,
Beautiful pictures! When (if) I decorate my new house I will call you for art work to put on my walls. I love the brilliant colors.
Your work is truly amazing. I hope to one day be as great as you are. I'm glad you found your passion. It suits you well. I always look forward to seeing new photos, they get better and better.
Dan Houck
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